Welcome to Creative Digital Productions!

Our music, audio and video services range from creative development, custom music
and production, to cutting edge interpretive equipment and its implementation. 

Delivery Platforms

These are just SOME of the different delivery methods we can provide…

Stationary Outdoor Audio Players– These are stationary audio boxes that can be a "crank" system, or a "solar" system, with both able to play audio when electrical power is unavailable…a great option for outdoor settings.

Mobile Web Based Apps– These are essentially mobile webpages designed to fit your cell phone screen with a menu and large buttons that take you to audio or video stops on your phone. It is capable of delivering a GPS map with pins and information, as well as audio and video. You must have internet access to use this app.

Native Apps– This is an app that you download and install on your phone, capable of delivering a GPS map with pins and information, as well as images, audio and video. This app can function without internet access, but must have internet access to play video and use the GPS capability.

Cell Phone Tours- Dial a number on a cell phone, and push the number of the tour stop that you want to hear.




Music Samples

Corporate/Team Building

All We Do Is Win
Team Building Song for Intercontinental Hotel Group

Success Is Next
Special Song for Genband Communications Special Event in Las Vegas

Musical Identity/Radio-TV Jingles

KRGR Kroger Radio-In House Radio Station

Specialty Music

"Wreck It Wreck It Ralph" from Disney's Annimated Movie "Wreck It Ralph"-
Sung by our own Danny Jones

Georgia Southeastern Tourism Marketing College Song

Songs for Children/Education

Splish Splash Splish
Georgia Aquarium Whale Shark Song

Jingles and Full Length Promotional Songs

ARAC Roof It Forward-Roofing Company

Jefferson Texas City Promotional Song

Snellville Heating Air And Plumbing


Creative Digital Videos:  Seeing Is Believing…

Creative Digital Productions can add video to your website, tour, exhibit, app, marketing campaign or social media. By writing a script, adding music, text, transitions and a voice over to either location footage, archival photos, or archival video footage, we can create affordable videos.


Civil War Soldier Angus McDermitt

"Dearly Departed" from Acworth, Georgia Video Wall

Roswell Georgia, "You're Gonna Love It Here"

Nashville, Tennessee "Hatch Show Print"

Stone Mountain Georgia Glass Blowing

Gwinnett County, Georgia Chamber Meeting

Alpharetta Georgia Special Event: Iron Kids

Georgia Council for the Arts…Using Interviews to Tell a Story

The Andersonville, Ga. Civil War Prison